Day: March 23, 2023

The Relaxing and Anti-Anxiety Tropical Truffle Strain

Whether you’re a sativa lover or a hybrid enthusiast, this CBDDY – tropical truffle strain is sure to please. It’s a rare hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Tropicana Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip strains.

ZoZ Tropic Truffle Strain Is A Solid Choice For Focus

This bud offers a sweet and citrusy flavor that is complemented by the tropical aroma of orange and mango. It also has a heavy amount of linalool, limonene and nerolidol terpenes, which add to the relaxing and anti-anxiety effects that it produces.

The calming high that this strain delivers is ideal for those with insomnia, stress and chronic fatigue issues. It also helps to relieve pain and reduce nausea.

It can also aid in promoting creativity and sociability, which makes it great for those who are working on a project or looking to socialize with others. This variety is perfect for use in the morning to get you going on your day.

If you’re an experienced sativa smoker, this is a great bud to try as it can help you feel focused and creative throughout the day while providing a light energy boost. However, this strain can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with sativas.

This bud is a cross between the lazy indica Grease Monkey and the mental uplifting sativa Truffle. The combination of the sativa and indica genetics of this strain can be very overwhelming to some users. The effects are primarily cerebral but can be overwhelming to those with low self-control.