CBD has been found to help reduce the pain and tingling of neuropathy in feet, so it may be worth trying for those with a foot condition like diabetic neuropathy, chronic back pain, or gout. The onset of CBD’s potential beneficial effects varies by person and is affected by factors such as the product type and dosage. For example, cbd for neuropathy feet oils placed under the tongue can be felt within minutes, while creams may take up to half an hour to penetrate the skin.

Fading Marks: The Healing Power of CBD Scar Creams

This tincture comes with a dropper for precision dosing and has been formulated to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It contains a powerful combination of botanical extracts including ginger, turmeric, and arnica to support the body’s endocannabinoid system. Its terpenes—compounds that give plants their aromas—like limonene, have also been shown to have additional health benefits.

This oil is made with a proprietary extraction process that preserves the plant’s natural terpenes and flavonoids, which work together to enhance their therapeutic properties. Its soothing and cooling effect is enhanced by the addition of menthol to create a formula that can soothe painful muscles and joints. This product has been clinically tested, showing that it decreases numbness and tingling while improving sensory function compared to placebo in a recent CIPN20 study. Its formulation also includes the fatty acid omega-9 to promote healthy cell growth.