How to Choose Tower Light Hire

Tower light hire are a critical piece of equipment on any construction site or outdoor event. They enable crews to continue working past dark or low-visibility conditions so that they can meet their deadlines.

What is a lighting tower used for?

The first step in choosing a light tower is to determine the maximum area that can be illuminated. This is determined by the lamp configuration and mast height, as well as other factors such as fuel efficiency. The lighting specifications for each portable light tower will detail this information.

Once a contractor has decided on the type of light tower they need, they need to make sure that it is properly rigged for operation. This means checking that there are no hazards above the machine and that ample space is provided for a proper outrigger (stabilizer) setup. The operator must also double-check that all the electrical wires are in a safe position. After that, it’s time to raise the mast!

Light towers can be powered by internal combustion engine-powered diesel generators, battery-powered units or even solar powered. There is an increased focus on finding eco-friendly solutions in all industries, and portable light towers are no exception. Many of these units are dual purpose, supplying a limited amount of kW of power to run hand tools and other low-wattage equipment at the same time as illuminating the jobsite.

As with all types of rental equipment, safety is the most important factor when operating a tower light. It is therefore crucial for contractors to read and understand the operation and maintenance instructions that come with each unit. A quality hire company will also provide daily, weekly and monthly maintenance checklists.