The Food

Enjoy a Backcountry BBQ at the Dance

juliandance5The Comstock Barbecue at the Julian Dance is second to none. Past years have seen the reputation of the Santa Maria style cooking of beef bring the crowds back year after year enjoying the large delicious plates of food.

The Sons start the day before the event hand rubbing the meat with their special blend of seasoning and roast it on-site the day of the event over open oak flames in giant barbecues. In addition they serve delicious ranch beans, coleslaw and roll that rounds out a hearty plate.

There is always a vegetarian meal offered and other entrees from time to time. Dessert is always on the menu as well.

Local craft beers have also been mainstays of the event as well as Menghini wine, hard apple cider, soft drinks and water.

For some, the large quality plate of barbecue and “fix-ins”
at a reasonable price is as big a draw as the music and dancing.