The Real World by Andrew Tate Review

The Real World is an online training program with step-by-step guidance and tutorials on a variety of business models, including e-commerce, social media marketing and crypto trading. It also offers a community of like-minded individuals and mentorship from hyper-successful experts through daily live sessions.

Perspectives Explored: Andrew Tate’s Insights from “The Real World

Tate’s followers say his teachings are legit, and they’ve helped them earn more than a million dollars in profits so far. But critics say he’s exploiting his students and running a pyramid scheme, with members working unsustainably long hours to produce social media videos that promote his brand.

A member named Mahmoud says he first heard about Tate’s work in late 2022 and was initially a fan. He’d been living a “chaotic” lifestyle — drinking, smoking and partying too much — and his motivational messages resonated with him, especially his advice to work out and focus on goals. But when he began producing his own videos to promote The Real World, he found himself skipping sleep and working unsustainable hours.

One of the most controversial aspects of the programme is its affiliate marketing strategy, which allows subscribers to post links to the programme on their social media accounts and earn commissions for each new subscriber they attract. Tate’s followers deny that it’s a pyramid scheme, but one of the many sites that promote the programme credits this tactic as the reason it’s become so successful.

Unlike its predecessor, Hustler’s University, which was hosted on Discord servers, TRW has been moved to dedicated platforms run by Tate and his team. Its custom-built portal resembles a Discord server, but it operates independently from its former home, and has its own in-app purchases and payment processors.