Month: July 2020

Here’s How You Can Choose The Best Pool For Your Home

If you are thinking of installing a pool in your house, there are several things that you should take into account depending on the use that you are going to give it, and one of them in depth. It is not the same if it is used only for swimming or if it will have a more familiar use.

If it is a pool that will be used by the whole family, it is necessary to use a type of bottom and depth that allows everyone, regardless of age and height, to enjoy a pleasant time in the pool.

The choice of depth and the bottom of the pool work together to offer a relaxing moment for everyone.

Normally, pools should have an average depth of 1.30 meters, but this data can vary depending on the user that will be given and, on the bottom of the pool, as we have already mentioned.

If it is a children’s pool, the ideal depth should be around 40 centimeters to guarantee its comfort and safety. If the pool is for adults, the average depth should be 1.20 meters. At this depth, people can swim comfortably while enjoying a chat in the water at the bottom.

IF you want to put a trampoline, the thing changes, and that is that pools that have a trampoline one meter high, about the surface of the water, must have a depth of around 2.50 meters. In case the trampoline is installed two meters from the surface of the water, the average depth should be 3 meters. These measures guarantee the safety of its use.

If you want to build an Olympic pool or for sports use, the ideal is that the depth is 3 meters. This facilitates the practice of the sport.

Remember that the less depth the pool has, the less water you will use, the less electricity you will spend on the filters to clean it, and you will save money on the chemicals used to treat the water in your pool.

Types of pool bottoms

The bottom allows you to have a depth suitable for children and adults at the same time, in the same pool, and with a trampoline installed. There are four types of funds:

Flat bottom: This is the bottom type that allows you to have the same depth throughout the pool. It is ideal in children’s pools.

Inclined bottom: It is the type of bottom with a ramp-shaped inclination, and the further you go, the deeper the water will be. This pool is the most used in private pools because it allows both children and adults to bathe. The depth of this pool is ascending. It starts at about 50 cm and progresses until reaching a depth of 1.80 or 2 meters.

Spoon- type bottom: This type of bottom is similar to the previous one, but the inclination is more abrupt, with which people fall, faster and more abruptly, in the deep area of ​​the pool.

U-shaped bottom: In this type of bottom, the deepest part is located in the center of the pool. It is also an excellent alternative to enjoy the water for the whole family.

Keys To Designing A Functional Kitchen

Functionality in the kitchen is very important because although we often opt for a beautiful design according to our tastes, we must also think about the practical details so that it is comfortable when cooking or eating.

Therefore, we want to offer you a series of recommendations to gain functionality in this important space in the house.

The first thing you should do is organize the space and take into account the distribution of the furniture, depending on whether you have a U or L-shaped kitchen. You do not have the same furniture distribution needs in one space as in another.

Taking advantage of the space to have all the utensils in order is essential.

Remember that you can place steel bars on the back wall of the kitchen, hooks, and different devices that help you organize and place utensils. In this way, you will make your kitchen a practical and orderly place.

And speaking of order, furniture also plays a fundamental role, since we currently have many designs that make the most of every corner of the kitchen to gain storage space. In this way, your kitchen will also gain spaciousness, since the order helps to gain visual space in the kitchens, making your stay in it more pleasant and effective.

Lighting in this regard is also very important. You can choose common light bulbs, LED lights, decorative lamps … You can also light up the shelves in a subtle way, giving life to those small spaces and gaining light, but don’t forget that the areas where you cook or where you can eat, such as In an island or American bar, they must be properly illuminated areas to perfectly fulfill their function.

If you opt for vertical compositions with the furniture, they will help you configure a modern and also very functional kitchen with plenty of space for storage. The open shelves will also make it easier for you to organize the small appliances and objects in your kitchen, but they will be on display, so remember that you can play with color to add a design plus to the room.

Easy Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes At Home

Keeping mosquitoes away from our homes is a relatively simple task and can be accomplished by making a few small changes here and there, which is great, right?

Just a small reminder: these anti-mosquito home remedies discussed in this blog are not a definitive solution to kill these insects in your home completely.

High grass

Keeping your lawn well cut is an exceptional way to prevent mosquitoes. During the day, these insects use the high vegetation to rest and survive the high daytime temperatures without losing an iota of hydration.

For this reason, it is a great idea to keep the lawn in your garden as short as possible, cutting plants and shrubs, it is essential to also keep the garden clean and tidy.

Invest in a fan

During the summer months, there is nothing better than cooling off under a fan. But … Did you know that these wonderful inventions can also help to prevent mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes have a weak flight. So ceiling fans and table fans and ventilation towers, all help repel mosquitoes by making it very difficult for them to fly and force them to leave the room.

Cut the water

With this advice, we do not intend for anyone to become dehydrated, especially in the summer. The standing water of any container such as buckets, drains, showers, etc … provide them with a fantastic place to lay their eggs.

To ensure that your garden does not become a paradise for mosquito spawning, you should try not to leave any container with standing water in your garden or inside the house.

Don’t forget the birds

Continuing with the theme of standing water, let’s not forget the birdbath … and its “bathtubs.” They can be, without a doubt, a pleasant addition to any garden, watching birds bathe relaxes, but … the counterpart is that, as you may have already guessed, if we install them we are giving mosquitoes a wonderful place to reproduce and grow.

If bird bathtubs are cleaned regularly, and water is changed at least once a week, we can prevent the emergence of mosquitoes.

Protect your pond

Surely you think … if standing water attracts snot … what about ponds? Well … you’re right! The ponds offer mosquitoes a golden opportunity to lay their eggs. They are a true paradise for them.

Luckily, there is something you can do to prevent your pond from becoming a “maternity ward” for mosquitoes.

Anyway, mosquitoes are not big fans of depositing their eggs in moving water, so installing a source of running water can even prevent their appearance.

And what about pets?

Another of the mosquitoes’ favorite places to lay their eggs is the drinking fountains of our pets.

We all take care of our pets, and we are sure to always have some water available to drink when the heat hits, but this can also attract mosquitoes.

Nothing happens, don’t panic! If you change the water regularly in your pet’s drinking fountains, mosquitoes won’t find this attractive place to stay.

Put mosquito nets

When the heat drops outside, keeping doors and windows open is a great way to lower the temperature inside, creating a fresh air draft at home.

The downside to this is that you are unconsciously sending an open invitation for mosquitoes to enter your home.

Don’t worry, installing fine mosquito nets on doors and windows can help block mosquitoes from entering easily, while you can ventilate and allow fresh air to enter your home.

These simple tips can help you get rid of mosquitoes at home. However, it is important to know that they are not definitive solutions.

The most effective way to keep your house 100% mosquito-free is to seek the help of a professional expert in pest control.

8 Tips To Refresh The House Without Works

The high temperatures begin to be noticed as early as the summer. The best way to avoid the heat at home is to carry out insulation works or install the air conditioning; however, some tricks can help reduce the feeling of overwhelm in the home without the need for reforms.

Refreshing textiles

A suitable choice of textiles will help reduce the feeling of hotness in the home. Cotton, linen, or chiffon are some of the lightest fabrics used in sofa covers, cushions, tablecloths, and bedding; they will provide a much fresher and more vaporous image. Also, betting on white colors, light tones, and cheerful prints will intensify that feeling.

Curtains and blinds

The curtains not only serve to give privacy, but they also act as an insulating element protecting from the sun’s rays. Therefore, they must remain to lie down during the central hours of the day. The same is applicable, to a greater extent, to blinds, which prevent both the glass and the external frame of the same from heating up.

Awnings, umbrellas, and pergolas

For windows, balconies, terraces or decks. Awnings, like curtains, absorb sunlight and prevent the exterior walls of the home from heating up. It is important to remember to extend them before the sun starts to heat up and fold them up at sunset, to facilitate ventilation. Umbrellas and pergolas create a perfect shade space for breakfast, lunch, or rest.

Air conditioning devices

Fans are cheaper than air conditioning, require no installation, and can be moved from room to room, like portable air conditioners. The latter have air dehumidification functions and, although they are not as powerful as splits, they are perfect for cooling small rooms.

Energy-efficient lighting

Choosing the type of bulbs to different light spaces can also affect the temperature of the home. Thus, low-energy bulbs and LED lights to give off less heat than incandescent bulbs, a factor that in summer can be crucial.

Solar sheets

These plastic films stick to the glass and reflect the sun’s rays. In this way, the heat in the home is considerably reduced, also reducing the energy consumption produced by the use of fans.

Plants and gardens, the little allies

If you have a garden, you can plant some deciduous tree that lets light through in winter and creates a nice shade in summer. Other plants, such as bushes and vines, contribute to reducing the thermal sensation in the home, by absorbing part of the heat.

Other very simple gestures

Some factors determine the house’s temperature, such as the orientation of the house or the existence of an interior deck. Moving the sofa away from windows, ventilating the house at night and closing it tight during the day, or turning off heat-emitting appliances, such as a computer or oven, are small gestures that help cool the home.

Color Pairs For Deck And Home

When choosing the color for a composite deck, keep in mind the interior style of your home, the style and color of your exterior siding, and even the color undertones in your landscape. Whether you want to match your deck color with your home’s current style or make it stand out boldly, we can help you choose the right color for your home.

Warm tones

Colors and undertones that resemble sun or fire are described as warm tones. They range from peach to yellow through golden. If your home siding features these shades of color, your ideal choice would be to go for a composite deck in a rich brown color as this would thus enhance the natural features of your home while complementing your exterior design.

Brown colored composite decking boards may vary in style. Some boards offer different color categories, while others are just a bold, rich brown. Looking for something that stands out a little more? Bringing a pop of cayenne color to your deck boards to give them a reddish-brown color has been a trend we’ve seen for some time.

Neutral Tones

Pure neutral colors include the simplicity of blacks, whites, and grays. Neutral tones often refer to organic, exterior, or stone colors. Choosing a color for your composite deck is easy when neutral colors characterize your home. Gray colors for your composite deck provide a certain freshness that is easy on the eyes and naturally accentuates the beautiful elements in your home. And as a bonus, these shades will make it easy to decorate your deck with deck sets or outdoor cushions that will add a burst of color.


The trend for coastal style homes has been around for some time. These coastal-style designs are marked by accents of white, particularly in the window trim, which perfectly matches the crisp, pure gray color of the composite deck. Building a deck with shades of gray colors already meets all the conditions for a coastal style.


Have fun designing your outdoor space. Whether you want to use it to complement or set it apart from your existing style, this design is an interesting and attractive addition to your home.