Day: April 18, 2023

What Are Art Prints?

art prints

Art prints  are reproductions of original artworks on fine art paper, usually printed with high-quality inks. They are often more expensive than posters, but they’re also available at a lower price point, making them a great way to start your own art collection!

Art Prints Have Their Own History

Throughout the centuries, artists have been making prints for a variety of reasons. They might be drawn to the collaborative nature of printmaking, or they might find it an innovative and different creative outlet for their work.

Artists have used a number of different techniques to create prints, including relief (where the image is drawn or painted on a surface that’s then carved, etched or displaced), intaglio (where the image is forced into grooves or cavities in the matrix), and mezzotint. Many of these processes can be adapted to printing on a range of materials, from paper to cloth to rubber.

How to Choose the Perfect Art Print for Your Home

One of the most obvious differences between a print and a painting is the texture of the surface. A print is smooth and flat, while a painting has raised brushstrokes.

The Difference Between an Art Print & a Poster

The main difference between art prints and posters is the type of paper they’re printed on. Art prints are usually made on fine art paper, which is thick and often has a lightly textured surface. However, posters are typically made on paper that’s thinner, less expensive, smoother and glossier.