Day: October 5, 2023

Toronto Mushrooms For Sale

Toronto Mushrooms is home to a handful of stores that offer psychedelic mushrooms for sale. But before you head down to one of these shops, be sure to understand the legal risks involved.

Magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, classified as a Schedule 3 substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. They can only be legally consumed with a prescription from a doctor or medical professional. However, over the past year, Health Canada has granted dozens of exemptions to allow terminally ill patients and mental-health practitioners to use the drugs as part of therapeutic sessions.

Magic Mushrooms in Toronto: A New Era of Psychedelic Exploration

As a result, many mushroom retailers are popping up across the country. One example is Shroomyz, a storefront located at 488 Queen Street West in Toronto. The location recently opened its doors and is reminiscent of grey-market cannabis stores that popped up across the country prior to marijuana becoming fully legal in Canada. Shroomyz carries a variety of dried mushrooms and psilocybin-derived edibles.

But unlike the legal cannabis market, these mushroom stores are not regulated or licensed in any way. This means that they are vulnerable to the same type of police raids and sting operations as illicit marijuana stores are.

Ultimately, it’s unclear how long the proliferation of mushroom stores will last. The lack of clear TPS policy on the matter makes it difficult to predict whether or when the city will crack down on these unlicensed outlets. In the meantime, buyers should make sure that they are working with a vendor that has a proven track record of quality and safety. Look for vendors that provide customer support and educational resources that cover topics such as dosage guidelines, potential interactions or contraindications, and general information about responsible mushroom usage.