Color Pairs For Deck And Home

When choosing the color for a composite deck, keep in mind the interior style of your home, the style and color of your exterior siding, and even the color undertones in your landscape. Whether you want to match your deck color with your home’s current style or make it stand out boldly, we can help you choose the right color for your home.

Warm tones

Colors and undertones that resemble sun or fire are described as warm tones. They range from peach to yellow through golden. If your home siding features these shades of color, your ideal choice would be to go for a composite deck in a rich brown color as this would thus enhance the natural features of your home while complementing your exterior design.

Brown colored composite decking boards may vary in style. Some boards offer different color categories, while others are just a bold, rich brown. Looking for something that stands out a little more? Bringing a pop of cayenne color to your deck boards to give them a reddish-brown color has been a trend we’ve seen for some time.

Neutral Tones

Pure neutral colors include the simplicity of blacks, whites, and grays. Neutral tones often refer to organic, exterior, or stone colors. Choosing a color for your composite deck is easy when neutral colors characterize your home. Gray colors for your composite deck provide a certain freshness that is easy on the eyes and naturally accentuates the beautiful elements in your home. And as a bonus, these shades will make it easy to decorate your deck with deck sets or outdoor cushions that will add a burst of color.


The trend for coastal style homes has been around for some time. These coastal-style designs are marked by accents of white, particularly in the window trim, which perfectly matches the crisp, pure gray color of the composite deck. Building a deck with shades of gray colors already meets all the conditions for a coastal style.


Have fun designing your outdoor space. Whether you want to use it to complement or set it apart from your existing style, this design is an interesting and attractive addition to your home.